shopping for tools & supplies - day 3

Dyeing diaries – day 3 – purchasing


such fun on this day, buying all sorts of lovely things to work with. Funny thing is, I really to hate the activity known as 'shopping'. I was introduced to the concept in canada, and it puzzled me greatly. And is an activity mainly practiced by women and some gay men. Go ahead pillory me.


Apart from actually buying anything, this shopping thing involves entering into innumerable shops, clothing, shoes, bantams, hockey pucks – doesn't matter. One enters into the nearest shop, preferably clothing and accessories, browses through all the racks, removing selected items and holding them up in front of one while looking in mirrors. I'm using clothes as an example. Then one asks whomever is accompanying one in the 'shopping' expedition what her opinion is, the shop ladies and even strangers may be approached to deliver judgment. And then, after a lot of hemming and hawing, one tries on the article, comes out of the changing room wearing it and proceeds to ask the world at large for their considered opinion. Then one may even try more clothing going through the same procedure. And then, one heaves a sigh of sorrow, says thank you to the sales people, and leaves.


Enough of this. I great fun, wandering through Dressew, Army & Navy, London Drugs, Opus, the fabric store on hastings between cambie and abbott streets, and home hardware on commercial drive. These are some of my favorite grazing spots.


It took me a few days to collect everything, and I needed to buy some more 'stuff' as well as collecting together all the equipment and supplies from my chindi shelves.


Love grants, I can load up on all the art/craft materials I want.