researching dye stuff, methods & techniques - day 4



this is the cover of my dye journal.  from black spring all the colors - that we can see.  i didn't want to cover the lovely fake wood grain pattern on the cover, but, but, but - a dye journal with no colors?  


anyway, i love coloring.  never had crayons and color pencils, or chalk as a child.  lots and lots of books, including my granda's encyclopedia britannia, with beautiful parchmenty pages, from which i cribbed much of the elegant prose of my essays.  i confess, i confess, i cheated to get high marks.  but, it was a kind of fake-it-till-you-make-it project, so turned out okay. 


then there were the aunts' medical books.  these made for very interesting reading, especially when puberty hit, and the only literature that came close to porn was contained in these books. i became quite the expert on rape forensics.  i know.  sad.  


i found this book while trawling through vpl online catalogue. keyword natural dyes.  and i fell in love with it.  what would i not give to experience holding an original printing.  this is a 1973 printing of the 2nd edition, published in 1815, 198 years ago. are we not an amazing species?


it was lovely flipping through this book.  i love the paragraph that speaks of knowledge not being property.  in case nobody noticed, i marked it.  the scanned copy, (my god) not the library copy.  get a grip.   anyway, my thoughts are, anarchists of the world, read and rejoice.  'intellectual property' owners read and learn.


oh. oh. storm in a teacup time?  bite me.


interesting footnote.  found in the latest edition of common ground magazine, "freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." george orwell.  


this, sort of comes from the end of the last few ideas, about knowledge and property.


i met caitlin ffrench for coffee at jj bean, a very talented and generous woman.  in one half hour she gave me enough information to allow me to focus on where and how to start the natural dye work/study project.  you can see her work at the name of her website says it all.  


without fear she shares.  i met her through penny coupland, whose work is on, who?/whom? i met online through the kindness of sharon kallis  sharon is another generous woman who sat me down for a half hour one evening, and gave me enough information and tools to set me on the path of how to apply for grants, and prepare project proposals. anyway,


now, have some information to start with.


before beginning any work i spend an incredible amount of time researching, pouring over library books, squinting at websites, wandering through book shops.  pretty much in an intensely focused and dazed way.  sometimes known as obsessive.


it's a form of delayed gratification.  thinking and dreaming, wondering and planning it in my head before actually putting hand to work.


this is the first information put down after some hours and days of reading, looking, thinking.  a plan of how i will approach each dye session.  the basics of beginning to dye.  of course, each dye stuff will require it's own techniques, methods, patterns.  


with this plan before me i will now focus on deciding which dyes i want to begin experimenting with.  as i go along i will be making tentative plans about which aspect of actual dyeing i want to begin with.  colors? patterns? a combination of both?  time will tell


okay, i'm tired now.


more next time.


thank you for joining me,