planning materials, supplies & tools - day 2

Here I am, with my beautiful journal, lovely thick sketchbook pages, beautiful calligraphy pens, and colored pens.

pg_63031374105767.jpgs. All set.


First things first; I need a list of the materials I have and what I need to buy.


The most important, of course, is the fabric. To practice I will buy 10 yards of unbleached, cotton sheeting from dress sew. And 3 yards of white silk from the designer fabric store on hastings, between cambie and abbott, south side of the street. A mecca of beautiful fabrics, at atrociously low prices. You can't miss it. Take a walk, get your feet wet. Guaranteed fun.





I managed to buy the fabric this afternoon. Washed and dried the cotton and silk. Silk is a very, very strong fabric, and I routinely machine wash (gentle cycle) and air dry silk


The next item on the plan, “THE PLAN' is to get all the things that I have together and then trot out to army & navy, opus, london drugs to buy them. More excitement.


i buy the best quality products that i can afford - poor quality arts and crafts supplies gum up in some way - not worth it.

if anybody wants a list of materials, supplies and tools i will email this to you.  leave a message on this site in the contact section



or ta ta.