introduction & invitation - day 1


hello there,

for the small arts grant 2013, (funders: vancouver foundation) (and i promise this is the only time i will mention them in this diary), I chose is to research fabric dyeing and create a sampler book, something like an artist's book, to explore and document ideas and experiments. this will be my reference manual.



The book will have 2 facing pages, one fabric, the other paper. I will record information, written and visual and the actual sample of the dye panel.  and i would run a journal as well.



The idea was to experiment with various patterns using commercial dyes. Then, experimenting with 'kitchen' dyes – e.g. onion skins. The 3rd stage collecting indigenous and invasive plant matter and experimenting with these.


Naturally the actual project didn't quite fall into these neat patterns, my ideas changed – evolved, if you will. People were not always available. The plants died and needed replacing..............................


so, I am going to record the journey, creating an artificial time line that will not be as hazardous as the actual project time line. The reason for this is to share the experience with others; to provide tutorials along the way, especially for patterns that are not on the internet (as far as my extensive research determined) and to clarify my own thoughts and processes.


Hope you join me.