karenza t. wall


far, far away in an ancient land, now called india, a girl child was born in the mohan nagar neighbourhood of nagpur, maharashtra state. After many experiences, some positive, some negative, but mostly mediocre she arrived in the third world village of downtown eastside vancouver. She loved colour and shape and the combining of these elements to create more/ different colours and shapes. Often she wants to eat colours. Her name is karenza t. wall, and she is me.


after wandering around in a bit of a daze for 50 years, not having the courage to pick up my various sticks and venture into the world of arts and crafts to earn my living, i had a heart attack.


before this major life event i attempted door to door selling of fuller brush, holiday magic, magazines, avon.  an abymsal failure.  later on, at the age of 30 something, i tried insurance sales.  abymsal disaster.


other jobs were in office administration ranging from clerical to office manager.  all of which i conducted in a state of mild to major stone - it was the only way to get through the day.  right, i forgot the table waiting and restaurant host jobs.


the only work i did that was satisfying was my successful childcare business, and my housekeeping business.  i didn't need any mind altering assistance for this work.


the heart attack was one of the best things that happened to me.  it forced me to consider my life of non stop workaholism.  and i then set myself upon a path that has lead to my working at something that i can be passionate about, that i am good at, and find very satisfying.  i am now 70 years and raring to go.  


in the hindi dialect spoken in my neighbourhood, chindi (pronounced chin thee – as in the), means scraps and/or rags of fabrics; rags is the trade name for the clothing industry. i use the words “chindi nation”, “chindi revolution”, and “chindi design” to identify my work.